-Pixel Cloud-


Welcome to Pixel Cloud!


Select one of the models from the home page to view. Each model page contains an interface with controls towards the top of the screen which will allow you to manipulate the visual effect. Keep in mind, you'll need to "open the controls" first!

'Orbit' the model by clicking and dragging across the screen.

Scrolling with the mousewheel or performing a 'pinch gesture' on mobile devices to 'Zoom' in and out.

You are encouraged to experiment with your POV and visual effect controls to create vivid unexpected outcomes!


This project manifested with the idea of presenting photogrammetry models via the web and mobile devices. Pixel Cloud hopes to continue to grow with user-generated photoscanned models to then present online which are accessible to viewers who may not be able to visit these physical places and objects in-person. The idea behind the "pixelated" visual effect is to create a whimsical yet nostalgic appearance that ties into the early days of computer graphics and how these physical spaces may change and fade away in time. Project developed in Spring 2021 by Tyler Stannard.